The Amalgamate(s) | About
Stevie Thomas has been a professional photographer for his company ‘The Amalgamate(s)’ for over 10 years. Born in London, England he specialises in social and event photography covering other genres within this art form including travel, wedding and fashion. He has a number of clients from a wealth of backgrounds and industries, having some of his work published in a variety of publications and editorials.

He has a unique gift of making people feel at ease and very relaxed in front of the lens and enjoys bringing out their best. From candid soirée shots to professional portrait photography, he’s able to eliminate the discomfort of appearing in front of the camera and has no qualms in introducing the lighter side to having your photograph taken.

Whether it’s national or international, business or pleasure Stevie and 'The Amalgamate(s) Photography' are skilled and accomplished enough to fulfil your photographic needs and requirements.